While benefits of Building Information Modeling (BIM) are evident in every phase of the project implementation life-cycle. In design stage, it helps in better coordination and collaboration among related parties which results in efficient reducing the amount of rework because of clash detected across multiple disciplines. BIM also enables simultaneous documentation and design to be carried out. The quantity take-off and cost estimation can be done through BIM and easily to be changed to adapt new data. Scheduling of project implementation can be planned more accurately and more likely to be completed on-time or early

OCT realizes the ultimate benefits of BIM and sets up BIM & 3D Modeling team to provide the services of BIM & 3D Modeling, including advise, design, modeling and management. We apply BIM in our design projects as much as possible. We put efforts to develop work flow between design analysis stage and design production stage produced from BIM in order to minimize reworks and any unexpected mistake.